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Google Places (Google+ Local) is one of the most crucial and essential parts of local SEO. Many times Google Places shows up before the organic search results when a consumer searches for your service or product.

Over 80% of local searches for businesses begin and end online. Who do they find first? You or your competitors?

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Google has practically crushed YellowPages into nonexistence with its Google Places Business Center, which is now regarded as the world's leading resource for local business searches and information.

A correctly optimized Google Places listing can be the key determining factor between success and failure since the majority of the population now uses Google to find local businesses, products, and services.

So many people are using Google now that if your business or organization is optimized properly in Google Places, you can potentially gain more traffic than you ever could from other avenues of advertisement.

Local SEO

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What is Google Places (Google+ Local)?

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Google Places (Google+ Local) combines Google Maps with local business listings which results in a business directory that flat out dominates traditional giants such as SuperPages and YellowPages.

The combination of local maps and business data has become so well liked by users that Google now handles practically 80% of all searches for local businesses and organizations, almost 40 times the volume of SuperPages and YellowPages combined.

How does optimizing Google Places/Google+ Local benefit your business?

The days of the phonebook are practically over. People no-longer use phonebooks to search for local businesses to fulfill their needs. This is especially true the younger you are. Thanks to internet search engines coupled with smart phones, you can now Google for a local business while on the go in a much easier, convenient, faster, and more productive manner than ever before. Today, Google users have grown familiar with, and tend to expect Google Places/Google+ local business listings as part of their everyday search results.

The volume of local business searches in Google has grown tremendously. Because of this, the competition for the coveted 7-Pack grew enormously. The 7-Pack was the local listings in Google of the top 7 businesses for the particular keyword a user searched. The coveted 7-Pack has now been replaced with Google Places Search and Google+ Local. Google improved their algorithm to perform in a much cleaner and sophisticated fashion. The new algorithm still places local Google Places and Google+ Local above the organic rankings for local business searches. Depending on the search, the Google algorithm will return a variety of results ranging from only Google Places/Google+ Local results, only organic results or a mix displayed in many different ways. Many times your competitors are already listed and are out ranking you. We will study your keywords and your competitors to find the best game-plan for you to dominate your local area. We've had tons of experience with this and every client's situation is different; therefore, we customize a plan to fit you and your organization.

Local SEO, Google Places and Google+ Local Optimization

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Why does my business need Google Places/Google+ Local Optimization?

Google Places/Google+ Local frequently will surpass average websites and gain the top spots in search results. Additionally, it is possible to obtain multiple page one listings which creates more authority and brand-awareness. Google Places/Google+ Local results are highly trusted by users, meaning a higher click-through rate and more traffic to your website, which in turn can lead to more customers. Your competitors may already be taking advantage of Google Places/Google+ Local Listings which means they are probably getting all your potential customers. Google Places/Google+ Local Optimization is very cost-effective especially when compared to other forms of advertising or SEO.

Can I manage my own Google Places/Google+ Local Listing?

Google Places/Google+ Local Optimization is not for the inexperienced. It is very tedious as well as time-consuming plus Google is very sensitive and unforgiving about mistakes, even if they are innocent mistakes. One wrong move could be viewed as a blackhat cheating attempt and you will lose your chance to ever be listed. Unless you are a trained expert with a lot of experience in this area, your time is better spent making money at what you do best: Running your business!

Let us handle the headache of Google Places/Google+ Local Optimization for you and receive the best possible service at the best price with one of the top firms in the South.

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