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Unfortunately, we don't own Google, Yahoo, or Bing so there is no way to guarantee a specific time or date that your business will start to appear on search engines. Nobody in the industry can either! If they say they can, RUN! because it's a scam. What we can promise is that we will deliver precise data and information on your business to the search engines which in turn decreases the turn around and indexing time.

Search engines DESPISE duplicate listings, especially for local searches. Duplicate listings are multiple listings for a business's telephone number or address. All duplicate listings are blocked from achieving front page rankings in the local search engine results especially in cities with larger populations. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you notify us of and disclose any information you have regarding listings that have your address and phone numbers. I cannot stress this enough. We will need the logins to all the listings in order to gain control and have a successful campaign for you.

YES! Search engines are very delicate, picky and sensitive. Their algorithms will catch any and everything you do online. We need all the information you have on past and current marketing, SEO and ranking campaigns. We also need to know how many websites you have and what content are on them, especially titles, addresses and phone numbers. We also need to know about any future campaigns or services that you will be involved in with your business. Many businesses make the mistake of using other companies and services for ranking and end up attaining zero results due to search engine algorithms disliking what they are finding.

On a continuous basis, we direct your business data on your behalf to over 200 directories to ensure accuracy. We track, test and monitor algorithm changes as well as constantly learn and develop new techniques and technologies. Even though the search engine directories are free, getting ranked high is a very competitive task and sometimes very expensive depending on your keywords. Many businesses come to us after months of wasted time discovering they could never get their listing to even show up.

To beat out your competitors in the search engines requires a lot of work and a great deal of time. There is a massive amount of content that the search engines must chose from. ThisOnlineThing.com carefully crafts your content to be specifically relevant then performs a significant campaign to engineer your content across over 200 directories. This provides search engines with the best possible content to have the best understanding of your business, which will greatly increase your chances of placing above your competition! This is a continuous process that takes a lot of time and caution even for experienced professionals like us. The effort we put into your business is enormous, from analyzing your market to setting up your campaign. We study your local area and the search results to figure out your metrics. We build and optimize content. These are all expenses on our end that must be invested before your results are achieved on the internet.

NO! Nobody knows the algorithms of Google or Bing. These search engines do not and will not share their strategies, formulas or decisions with anyone. It has even been said that Google's algorithms are so complex that no one person understands them, including Google employees! If any company or individual contacts you claiming they are affiliated with Google or Bing, or that they have special arrangements with these search engines, or anything of the sort, RUN! It's a scam!

Many of our clients tell us that they are contacted by other SEO firms which make many claims. Sometimes they claim they represent Google or Bing and can rank you. Some claim that they work with ThisOnlineThing.com and will try to scam money from you or obtain logins as well as other sensitive information. Do not give out any information! If you are contacted, be vigilant and ask the company to provide you a written outline of the exact scope of the project and contact us immediately at (601) 529-2239.

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