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Business Gets Destroyed by Bad Reviews!

How to Handle Bad Reviews Online

This is Michael LaHatte with This Online Thing, and I want to bring you a video of a case study having to do with reputation management online. It’s amazing how powerful the internet is and how fast news travels. Especially today, it can be overwhelming for a business that is not used to the online world- the online arena. This is an example that happened recently. You may have heard of it, but a lot of people probably didn’t know about the SEO impact of it, so I wanted to address that, and use it as a case study.

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Benefits Of Using A Mobile Web Design Company

Growing and marketing any business is often a challenge for business owners especially when it comes to web design. Engineering an internet presence is crucial for any business that is trying to reach out and obtain more consumers and will require specialized formats for mobile devices as well. Anyone wanting to position themselves or their business as an authority needs to understand the importance of using a mobile web design company to make sure they achieve the success they are looking for.

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What is Google Places Optimization Worth to Your Business?

Google Places could be worth $20,000 a year or a month to you? Are you trying to decide where to best spend your advertising budget? Making the right decision with your marketing dollars can lead to a life changing experience for you and your business. Either you or your competitor will capture the internet traffic in your market, and Google Places can be your best secret weapon.

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